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The Problem


We live in a stressful world and our nation's children and adults are coping with new and prevalent emotional realities we cant ignore.


More than 60% of youth age 17 and younger have been exposed to crime, violence, and abuse either directly or indirectly.


Across the US, schools suspended 2.7 million students out of school per academic year. 


21% of High School Students miss more than 15 days of school per year.

When students are dealing with unaddressed stress and trauma, they become academically disengaged and struggle with processing the content being presented to them. 
When students are absent from school, regardless of reason, they are not learning what is being taught—resulting in lower performance on coursework, course exams, standardized tests and lower rates of high school graduation. 

50% of new teachers quit the profession within five years

Nearly 50% of teachers feel their schools do not have adequate support for their students’ social and emotional needs. Teachers are left to intervene on their own without the appropriate resources and training to do so. Therefore, SEL has become an “add-on” for teachers who already struggle to fit everything into a busy day.
Teachers themselves must have high social-emotional skills in order to respond appropriately and manage their own stress in the classroom. With such high rates of stress and burnout, supporting the emotional well-being of teachers is essential.

We have witnessed  and supported students & teachers through these challenges, so we developed a new approach >

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