The "Tumaini Way" Social and Emotional Learning comprehensive curriculum is designed to provide middle and high school age youth with tools to positively impact their communities through social emotional awareness. It is the first of its kind in that it combines training, assessment, progress monitoring, behavior support,  restorative justice, mindfulness, project-based learning, civic engagement, and parent engagement. Our curriculum cultivates engagement in the classroom and in students’ communities through interactive activities, visual presentations to accompany each lesson, shared learning group discussions in the form of a restorative circle process called “Circle Up”, and the development of prototypes for the solutions to social issues. Mindfulness exercises ("Mindful Moments") and journal reflections ("Think in Ink"), provide students with opportunities to explore their sense of awareness and development of CASEL's core Social and Emotional Learning competencies. These reflections help to inform students’ vision for addressing social issues in the communities and society through civic engagement. This approach is especially beneficial to students who have experienced intense trauma.

Our Curriculum and Model was Designed and Tested by Licensed Educators, Leaders in Youth Development, School Administrators & Mental Health Professionals Who Have Diverse Experience in the "Whole Child" Approach to Education. We have done the Work!

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