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Tumaini SEL Curriculum

 SEL interventions can improve students’ attitudes toward themselves and others, social behaviors, and behavioral problems (Durlak et  al., 2011; Jones, Brush, et al., 2017; Yeager, 2017). The Tumaini SEL Curriculum ensures students everywhere can thrive emotionally, socially and academically. It is the only teacher-created curriculum for grades 9-12 that blends mindfulness, restorative practices, project-based learning, and civic engagement. Our curriculum Includes 50+  free-standing 60 minute lessons, it thematically covers each of CASEL’s SEL competencies, includes family engagement letters, and differentiated activities for diverse learners. Students begin each lesson with a “Mindful Moment”, has an opportunity for discussion, complete “Think in Ink” journal reflections, and engages in interactive activities that lead to a culminating civic engagement project, where students develop and create innovative solutions to pressing problems in their communities and abroad.

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