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As teachers and students from all over the world have been fast-tracked into virtual classrooms, educators are faced with new pressure of implementing social and emotional learning activities that is conducive to success in the online environment. Students are faced with new challenges and realities that we can not ignore. In a virtual setting, students are learning in very different conditions, which may include: increased demand for self-direction, balancing learning while caring for self and siblings, sharing physical space with family and potential for increased conflict, limited opportunities for social engagement (i.e., lunch, recess, extra-curricular activities) and increased potential for isolation. We must be intentional in prioritizing engaging, social and emotional learning activities and opportunities for discussion that cultivates academic and social success in the virtual space.
Virtually Resilient is your go-to quick guide for resilience in the middle and high school virtual classroom. This guide offers strategies for successful SEL implementation, provides a comprehensive list of compelling activities that draw upon relevant topics and conversation starters that cultivate culturally responsive SEL. These activities foster high engagement by utilizing trending apps, social media, and other online platforms that are popular among middle and high school students. This guide also promotes cooperative work between students, fostering teamwork and relationship skills. Activities are easily customizable to accommodate any virtual learning platform, schedule, structure, or subject matter. Conversation starters promote introspection, reflection, social engagement, and connection, which are essential in virtual classrooms.

Available for Instant Download!

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