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An Innovative, Culturally Responsive, Healing-Centered + Trauma-Informed SEL Curriculum & Program That Gives K-12 Students the Tools to Thrive in and out of the Classroom. 


Tumaini DC Intro 2021
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We Are Tumaini DC

We live in a stressful world and our nation’s students and adults are coping with new and prevalent emotional realities we can’t ignore. Intentional and equitable Social and Emotional Wellness is Critical.
Grant Cardone Foundation Partnership Video
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Grant Cardone Foundation Partnership

Tumaini DC Announces Partnership with The Grant Cardone Foundation to expand our programming by integrating entrepreneurship and SEL, providing students with the knowledge, skills, and resources to develop sustainable businesses and visit the 10x Headquarters in Florida to pitch their business ideas and win start-up funding. 


Tumaini DC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that designs and facilitates transformational social and emotional learning curricula and experience. The Tumaini Way, our research-based SEL curriculum, school-based program, and implementation model has transformed climate and culture in schools and community-based organizations in the US and abroad.

The mission of Tumaini DC, Inc. is to transform communities and schools through culturally responsive, trauma-informed, and healing centered social and emotional learning curricula, programming, and training for youth and adults.


Our curriculum, programming, and professional development opportunities ensure that each student, in each school, in each community is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.


Our resources cultivate the health and well-being of each student by addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and social dimensions of health.


We ensure students learn in an environment that is physically and emotionally safe for students and adults.


Our resources ensure students are actively engaged in learning and is connected to the school and broader community.


Each student is challenged academically and prepared for success in college or further study and for employment and participation in a global environment.

What Are The Students Saying?

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Janae Bailey
Tumaini SEL Academy Participant

"Tumaini DC gave me a second chance at life when I wanted to give up. This organization taught me how to make better decisions, control my attitude, build better relationships, and get involved in my community. Years later, I am still connected to my Tumaini Mentor, who has helped me define and pursue my personal and professional goals."


Jashawn Evans
Tumaini 2020 Virtual SEL Academy Participant

"During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Tumaini DC provided me with an opportunity to attend virtual sessions that assisted me with life skills that will lead to success in college and career. I am happy to be #TeamTumaini."


Ean Bowie
Tumaini SEL Summer 2020 SEL Academy

"By going through the Tumaini Way Curriculum this summer, I learned that people are placed in your life to help and support you. There is power in empathy and I can change my community."


Muhammed Toumbou
Tumaini SEL Summer 2020
SEL Academy

"The Tumaini Way Curriculum taught me that understanding your emotions and knowing how to control them is one of the things that separate men from boys. I have learned how to manage my emotions, advocate for change in my community, and build healthier relationships.”

The Tumaini SEL Experience